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EPISEQ® 16S v1.1.0


  • Increased performance:

    • Increased performance and speed of the statistical calculations, especially for larger datasets of more than 200 samples.

    • Increased dendrogram rendering speed.

    • Increased rendering speed and performance of the abundance stacked bar chart, allowing smoother zooming and panning.

    • Dendrogram and the abundance stacked bar chart are faster added to the PDF report, avoiding the browser to freeze.

    • Less of a need to manually refresh pages.

    • Faster and more effective loading of a sample sheet.

  • Easier interpretation and calculation of (statistical) results:

    • Statistically significant p-values are highlighted in the abundance table.

    • Statistical calculations are made more intuitive by use of informative warnings when not enough samples are selected.

    • Statistics for time interaction no longer only rely on the time points defined in the management page, but on the time points present in the actual selection of samples.

    • Statistical methods are, where applicable, mentioned in the legends of the graphs.

    • The QC overview table is transposed which eliminates the need for horizontal scrolling.

    • The first column of the abundance table containing the checkboxes is frozen, allowing easier interpretation of the results in the table when horizontal scrolling is required to lookup certain metadata.

    • Addition of titles to the tables and graphs in the PDF report makes it more structured and readable.

    • The first column of long tables that are split over multiple pages in the PDF report is repeated on each page, making the report easier readable.

  • Other changes:

    • An error is displayed when adding a graph or table to the PDF report fails.

    • The first column of the sample table containing the checkboxes is frozen, allowing easier selection of samples when horizontal scrolling is required to look up certain metadata.

  • Other changes:

    • Security issue regarding pdf report has been fixed.

  • Other changes:

    • Metadata variables from an Excel sample sheet are no longer added if the user cancels the metadata mapping.

    • The width of the panel with the sample table can be more flexibly resized.

    • Long project titles are properly parsed on multiple lines of the report, preventing them from running off the page.

    • Projects on the project page are sorted by creation date when the "show deleted/expired projects" toggle is enabled.

EPISEQ® 16S v1.0.0


  • Pipeline:

    • QIIME (RDP Classifier v2.12)

  • Database:

    • SILVA v138

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