Not for diagnostic use - English only

  • Ease of use 

    • "one click" solution for outbreak determination and management

    • Directly import Illumina WGS raw data (fastQ or fastA)​​​

    • A comprehensive report (dendrogram, minimum spanning tree, characterization & genotyping info)

    • Available as pay-per-test with prepaid credits.

  • Microbiology expertise / Antimicrobial resistance

    • Covers the vast majority of all HAI-related organisms

    • Built-in wgMLST scheme for each organism

    • Display of classical MLST (Pasteur + Warwick) and spa typing* (*where available)

    • A unique, curated collection of 30,000+ reference genomes

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When in doubt about a potential outbreak in your hospital,

BIOMÉRIEUX EPISEQ® CS will facilitate further investigation.