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for clinical pathogens outbreak monitoring

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Not for diagnostic use - English only

  • Ease of use 

    • "one click" solution for cluster determination and outbreak management

    • Direct import of Illumina WGS data (FASTQ or FASTA)​​​

    • Comprehensive sample characterization and genotyping info

    • Phylogenetic visualisation tools (dendrogram and minimum spanning tree)

    • PDF-downloadable reports 

    • Available as pay-per-test with prepaid credits

  • Microbiology expertise / Antimicrobial resistance

    • Covers the vast majority of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI)-related organisms

    • Built-in wgMLST scheme for each organism

    • Display of conventional typing data where available (MLST, spa type, serotype, pathotype)

    • More than 4,000 resistance genes embedded with associated phenotypes

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