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01         UPLOAD

From your personal account you can directly upload your .fastq or assembled .fasta files.

02         ANALYSIS

Using a straightforward credit system you will get access to the cloud service that performs the genomic characterization and a phylogenetic analysis based on whole genome MLST of the strains.

03         REPORT

An easy to interpret report is available once the analysis is complete. You now have decisive data to further investigate a potential outbreak or cluster, including resistome and virulome information.

The report provides the most precise information to address your needs during an outbreak situation:


  • Confirms the strain identification

  • Determines genetic relatedness among your own strains and
    the strains in the knowledge base

  • Identifies and differentiates outbreak strains from endemic strains

Whole genome sequencing is at the core of the analysis

Using whole-genome sequencing (WGS), BIOMÉRIEUX EPISEQ® CS analyzes every single region across the genome to identify subtle differences often overlooked by other genotypic techniques. It offers the highest possible resolution of microbial genomes, providing extremely precise information about genes involved in infection and transmission of HAIs. This cutting-edge level of bacterial strain characterization allows you to quickly identify the source and define the transmission pathways of infectious pathogens. WGS plays a critical role in the support of outbreak investigations as well as epidemiological studies, ultimately improving overall infection control programs.



Peacock S. Bring microbial sequencing to hospitals. Nature 509: 557-559

High Discriminatory Power

Highly accessible

High reproducibility