bioMérieux EPISEQ® CS v1.1.0


  • Database updates:

    • MLST and Spa typing databases: allele nomenclature refreshed

    • Resistome database: growing content while further improving the curation (details provided in the updated online help)

  • Epidemiological analysis window:

    • Minimum spanning tree

    • Filtering of resistome and virulome markers

  • Filtering samples and panels:

    • Filtering of samples based on meta data and typing fields

    • Filtering of panels based on the detected species

  • Sample card:

    • Name(s) of the uploaded file(s) is displayed

    • Pipeline and KB versions are reported

    • Delete button in case of a process/data fail

  • Sample resistome results:

    • Filtering and sorting of resistome markers

    • Additional resistome fields: citation DOI number(s), ARO, uniprot, pfam, …

    • Unknown mutations can be consulted

    • Perfect hits are displayed in green

  • Sample virulome results:

    • Filtering and sorting of virulome markers

    • Perfect hits are displayed in green

  • QC details:

    • Parameters are displayed in the Identity check card

    • Parameters are displayed in the Contamination card

  • Upload grid:

    • New field states are available, including the “Unknown” field for every list

    • Country is default set to “Unknown”

  • User interface:

    • Updated look and feel

    • Uploads tab is removed

  • Performance:

    • Better and faster processing of sample files

  • Online help:

    • New and updated topics

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